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Water Quality Shorelands Water Company is committed to providing the highest quality water in conformance with all State and Federal Regulations. Samples are taken from our distribution system on a weekly basis and then analyzed by an outside laboratory, which has been certified by the State of New Jersey. Please click below for answers to common water quality questions: Taste and Odor Hot Water Heater Information/Maintenance White or Gray Particles in Water (by AWWA) Pink Substance on Bathroom Fixtures, Walls and Surfaces
If you should have a water quality concern, please call our Customer Service Department at (732) 264-5510. Check out our other pages on this website for more helpful information, such as the CCR which is a report designed to inform our customers of water quality and Helpful Sites which will direct you to other agencies. The American Water Works Association (AWWA) has published a diagram on How Water Works, which gives an inside look at residential water use. Discolored Water Discoloration of your tap water is usually a sign that there may have been some activity that has disturbed the direction or rate of flow in the water main, such as use of a fire hydrant or water main valve in your area. Discolored water can also come from the piping in your own home. This would be evident when your home is the only one on the street experiencing an issue. Discolored water comes from rust or sediments that exist in your home’s piping. The water is still safe when this occurs. The water may look unappealing, so we suggest you wait until it clears before consuming it. Click here for more information about discolored water. Every spring, Shorelands Water Company flushes the water mains in the distribution system in order to minimize the occurrence of discolored water. Chloramines In 2012, NJ American Water (NJAW) started disinfection of its own water with Chloramines vs Chlorine. During the months of October - April when our water supply is solely from NJAW, the water is disinfected with Chloramines only. From May - September, the disinfection is a mixture of Chlorine and Chloramines. Click here for for more information about Chloramines.
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Water Quality