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Water Restrictions Shorelands Water Company is reminding our customers of our mandatory Odd/Even Policy regarding outdoor water use and request that all customers comply with this policy. These restrictions are in place throughout the year for our customers. Outdoor usage such as lawn or garden irrigation and the washing of vehicles is only permitted on the odd/even basis system. Customers having an odd numbered address can use water only on odd days of the month. Likewise, customers having an even numbered address can use outdoor water only on even days of the month. A total ban will exist on the 31st day of each month, when applicable. If you should have any questions, please call our Customer Service Dept. at (732) 264-5510 during normal business hours. Click here to view Hazlet Township’s Ordinance regarding outdoor water use. 
Fire Hydrant Usage Both Hazlet and Holmdel Townships have adopted Ordinances for use of fire hydrants. Please view Hazlet Township’s Hydrant Ordinance by clicking here. Please view Holmdel Township’s Hydrant Ordinance by clicking here. Unauthorized use of fire hydrants is prohibited. Water System Leaks and Service Restoration Water main breaks and other leaks occur within our distribution system from time to time. Shorelands takes all necessary steps to minimize the inconvenience to our customers during these events. During normal business hours, we will attempt to notify customers of the leak and pending serivce interruption either by phone or in person. The duration of time water will be off is often difficult to determine but we strive to make repairs in a timely manner. Customers should always feel free to contact our office for an update on restoration of water service at (732) 264-5510 Option 1. For more information on what to do if there is a water system leak, please click here. Feel free to contact our Customer Service Department at (732) 264-5510 with any questions you may have during normal business hours.
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