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Monthly Billing

Since 1998, Shorelands Water Company has  utilized a monthly billing cycle. This method has  been proven to be a valuable tool in helping to  quickly identify a leak in a relatively short  period of time which in turn, saves the customer money. Regular reading of your meter is the best  method of early leak detection which may result  in high water bills. If the Meter Reader is unable  to access your reading device at your home or  business, your reading is then estimated based  on prior usage for that billing period. The area  around the meter must be kept clear so that the  Meter Reader has access to our equipment. If  you have received two (2) estimated bills in a  row, please contact us at (732) 264-5510 to set  up an appointment for a meter read. If you would like to make a payment, please visit  our Payments page. 
Shorelands Water Company, Inc. 1709 Union Avenue - PO Box 158 Hazlet, NJ 07730 (732) 264-7300 or (732) 264-5510 Customer Service (732) 264-6154 Fax

We want all of our customers to

have continuous water service!

We make every effort to contact our customers when there is a past due amount. After 15 days following the mailing of a bill, any unpaid bills are considered late and subject to discontinuance of service. An URGENT NOTICE will be mailed stating the date of intended service interruption. Our Customer Service Department then follows up with an automated courtesy call to remind the customer of the past due amount and date of service interruption. It is your responsibility as a customer to notify us if your contact information has changed. If you are having a problem paying a bill on time, please contact our office at (732) 264-5510. We will make every effort to work out a payment plan with you. If the service is shut off, there will be a charge for resumption of service. This charge is due along with the past due balance to restore your water service. For more information, view our Customer Booklet.